NDC challenges EC’s proposal for electoral reforms in 2024

NDC challenges EC's proposal for electoral reforms in 2024
Dr Omane Boamah

The National Democratic Congress () has expressed its opposition to the 's (EC) proposal for major electoral reforms in 2024. Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, the Director of Elections of the NDC, emphasized that there was an overwhelming consensus at the recent (IPAC) meeting that any significant electoral reforms should be implemented in 2028, not 2024.

In a statement, Dr Omane Boamah argued that the decision was made to ensure that Ghana had sufficient time to prepare for the elections. He questioned the timing of the EC's proposal, noting that the discussion about voting in November was raised only when there were ten clear months to the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Dr. Omane Boamah raised concerns about the lack of readiness from the EC, as the calendar of programs and activities for the upcoming elections was still unavailable. He criticized the EC for introducing major electoral reforms in an election year and urged them to release the calendar promptly.

The NDC Director of Elections highlighted the challenges faced during the Limited Registration of voters in 2023, including equipment breakdowns and network issues. He called for an investigation into these issues and emphasized the need to focus on urgent and essential activities that would enhance the integrity of the December 7, 2024 elections.

Dr Omane Boamah recommended that the EC should not wait for another election year to reintroduce major reforms and stressed the importance of ending the process by 2027 to allow sufficient time for political actors in 2028. Additionally, he expressed the party's willingness to discuss alternative solutions, such as voting on worship days, to address concerns of people of faith.

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