NCCE celebrates Citizenship Week with basic schools in Keta

NCCE celebrates Citizenship Week with basic schools in Keta

The () at in the has celebrated Citizenship Week with basic schools with the Municipality.

The week-long celebration, which started from May 26, was aimed at educating and empowering students across the nation to be agents of change towards building a peaceful and clean Ghana.

Madam Lina Elinam Bensah, the NCCE Director at Keta, in an interaction with the , to mark this year's event, said it was a constitutional mandate to create and sustain the awareness of the principles and objectives of the 1992 Constitution.

“Citizenship Week is designed to feature eminent personalities from the academia, creative arts, the clergy, public servants, CEOs, Women activists, and others who were considered as role models in society to interact and impact the spirit of good citizenship into school pupils.”

She further stated that children served as a source of vitality and remarkable gifts to every society and were also considered as future leaders to foster development.

Madam Bensah explained that children were educated ahead of the 2024 polls on the importance of peaceful elections and the negative consequences of violence.

Other objectives of the celebration were to equip children with knowledge on voter's rights and obligations in the electoral processes.

Madam Bensah mentioned that NCCE also aimed at inculcating the culture of peaceful coexistence, develop the spirit of good citizenship, reinforce Ghanaian values of patriotism and others in children.

The exercise, expected to end in June, has targeted over 8,130 basic school pupils within the Municipality for the year.

Some schools the Commission visited include Keta RC and EP basic, Keta basic, Norlivime basic, Bright future school, Global basic, Vui Zion school, and others.

Some students the GNA engaged expressed satisfaction about the exercise.

The national theme for the celebration is “Together we can Build Ghana, so get Involved.”

However, it has a sub-theme “Children, Let's Build Ghana Together.”

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