National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) outlines strategies for responsible road behaviour in 2024

National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) outlines strategies for responsible road behaviour in 2024

The Ashanti Regional Office of the (NRSA) has revealed its strategies to promote responsible road behaviour in 2024, with a primary focus on reducing road fatalities. Mr. Kwasi Agyenim Boateng, the Regional Head of the NRSA, outlined key initiatives aimed at fostering a culture of road safety among various user groups.

The NRSA's target is to collaborate closely with relevant stakeholders, particularly road users, to achieve a significant reduction in road fatalities. The strategies for 2024 include focusing on critical road user risk groups, such as passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and tricycle riders in the .

To enhance vehicle occupant safety, the NRSA plans to conduct enforcement activities at lorry terminals and major highways. This involves ensuring compliance with road safety standards and conducting audits to assess vehicle and driver standards. The Authority will also intensify passenger engagements at lorry terminals to educate them on their responsibilities and road safety practices.

Pedestrian safety, especially at school zones, is a priority for the NRSA. Efforts will be directed towards addressing knockdowns at pedestrian crossings, with a focus on sensitizing school children and on responsible road usage.

In rural areas, where unauthorized speed humps are common due to over-speeding, the NRSA plans to engage with community members through education and encourage them to construct proper speed humps using authorized channels.

For motorcycle and tricycle safety, the NRSA aims to conduct road safety education in mosques and engage with identifiable tricycle rider groups. The objective is to promote the usage of helmets, thereby reducing fatalities in accidents involving motorcycles.

The NRSA's comprehensive approach involves a combination of enforcement, education, and community engagement to create a safer road environment and contribute to the overall reduction of road accidents and fatalities in the Ashanti Region.

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