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Muslim leaders urged to intensify education on peaceful co-existence

March 21, 2023
Muslim leaders urged to intensify education on peaceful co-existence: Ghana News

Muslim leaders have been urged to intensify advocacy and public education campaigns on the need for Muslims to co-exist peacefully with members of other faiths in their communities.

Alhaji Mohammed Ali Suraj, a member of the communication directorate of the Vice President, who made the call, said tolerance and peaceful co-existence were the surest way to build national cohesion for sustainable national development.

Speaking at the fifth national Quran recital and prayers ceremony at the central mosque, he said peace was very important for every human being.

The event, which has been instituted by Ahaji Suraj as an annual affair, is aimed at bringing Muslims together to offer prayers to Allah and seek His guidance and forgiveness for the nation.

It is also the period of humbling oneself before Allah, denying the fresh its pleasurable demands and asking for His divine favour.

Alhaji Suraj urged Ghanaians to be patient as the government was working hard to address the socio-economic challenges facing the nation.

Alhaji Umar Farouk Saeed, Ashanti Regional Chief Zongo, thanked the people for coming together to pray for the nation and asked Muslims to co-exist peacefully with all people in their communities.

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