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MP Asante Akim North urges Bawumia to reject individuals tipped to be running mate

June 28, 2024
MP Asante Akim North urges Bawumia to reject individuals tipped to be potential running mate

The Member of for Asante Akim North, wants the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party , Dr. to reject all individuals who have been tipped to be his potential running mate.

Speaking to journalists, the Asante Akim North MP advised Dr Bawumia to adhere to the constitutional guidelines for the selection of a running mate.

“I have heard various names being bundled about, but, as I know, in a season like this, everybody wants to be heard. People are doing unnecessary campaigns. By constitutional details are we supposed to campaign for selection? The answer is no, all those who are campaigning, they're just wasting their time. If I were the presidential candidate, I would decline nominations for all of them, who are campaigning unconstitutionally to be recognised.

“I would have disappointed them because I don't appreciate the aggression people are putting into the campaign like that, it is unconstitutional. And it's unfair on the presidential candidate., very very unfair. He must have the peace of mind to look through the whole army and select the one who will complement his ticket.

“It is unfair and untoward for people to want to influence him. By way of engaging other people, media and citizenry to campaign for them. I haven't heard or seen any presidential candidate being confronted with campaigns, as we have seen this time. The better approach is to reject them and select someone else.”

He also criticised the National Intelligence Bureau of the Council for what he describes as the unnecessary survey which projected Dr as the most preferred choice for the running mate position in NPP.

“I think that NIB has more to do than this survey, this survey I find it very unnecessary. If I were the presidential candidate, I would even disappoint the NIB, by not sticking to the candidate they are promoting,” he asserted.

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