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MAURYA launches technique to boost STEM and robotic education in schools

June 20, 2024
MAURYA launches technique to boost STEM and robotic education in schools

MAURYA Education Limited, an organisation involve in the use of computer systems in education and training, has launched a technique to boost science, technology engineering and mathematics () and robotic education in schools.

The introduction of the ‘STEMROBO' technique is to help bring about creativity, innovativeness and effectiveness in the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) as well as robotics in schools in the country.

The objective is to help strengthen STEM education in the country's education curriculum.

The launch, which was held in , was on the theme: “The role of STEM in solving global challenges and innovative, teaching methods in schools.”
The STEMROBO techniques is being funded by the Indian government.

Mr. Gibrish Gurbani, Managing Director of MAURYA Education Limited (MEL), speaking at the ceremony, said STEMROBO was not just about building robots and coding.

It goes beyond this and practicalise the teaching of STEM mapping on the curriculum of (GES) and the international curriculum as well.

He said MAURYA introduced UCMAS to schools in the country in 2010, adding that the education programme STEMROBO had helped the Asian countries and other parts of the world.

He said UCMAS, tinker coders, among others, had empowered many students to be confident in their calculations.

“We want to make Ghanaian children innovators and creators, other than consumers.”

Mr Gurbani said through STEMROBO, students would gain interest in technology through creative art subjects.

Mr. Richard Addo, Ashanti Regional Director of , said government was making progress in equipping the youth with technological skills focusing on STEM and robotics.

This, he was, evidenced in the construction of modern STEM education facilities across the country.

He said technological innovation in education would empower students to excel on the job market and equip them with the necessary skills to integrate in the international job market.

Mr. Addo said the government and the were equipping Ghanaian youth with 21st century skills and were therefore, in support of the STEMROBO initiative, which aimed at sharpening the technological skills of the youth.

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