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Man placed on police wanted list threatens defamation suit against CID

February 3, 2024
Dickson Kelvis Dei-Zanga - CID Headquaters
Ghana CID Headquarters, Accra

In response to a recent online publication featuring Dickson Kelvis Dei-Zanga on a Police Wanted List, his legal representatives have issued a rejoinder denying the allegations and criticizing the publication.

The letter, sighted by The Ghanaian Standard, is signed by Randy Brafo, ESQ, on behalf of Hayibor, Djarbeng &Co. It asserts that the allegations against Dei-Zanga are not only strongly denied but also emphasize that he has never received any police invitation that he has failed to honour, justifying his placement on the Police Wanted List.

According to the rejoinder, Dei-Zanga's lawyer claims that the investigator, Henry Kusi Baffour of the CID, Police Headquarters, is aware of Dei-Zanga's contact information and has never invited him for further investigation. The lawyer alleges that the investigator was present at the Tesano Police Station when Dei-Zanga was invited on December 28, 2023, in connection to the same allegation.

The letter questions the reliance on an arrest warrant issued on August 5, 2022, as the basis for placing Dei-Zanga on the Police Wanted List in 2024, especially when he has been in contact with officers at the Police Headquarters and has honoured all invitations from various police stations.

The legal representatives describe the publication as unwarranted, unfair, defamatory, and a breach of Dei-Zanga's fundamental human rights. The rejoinder concludes by expressing the intention to take legal steps to address the alleged wrong at the appropriate time.

The letter is copied to the Inspector General of Police at the Ghana Police Headquarters, , and the Director General of CID at the Ghana Police Headquarters, Accra.

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