Maiden Africa Image Conference concludes in Accra, fostering positive narratives for the continent

The African Chamber of Content Producers has successfully wrapped up the first-ever Africa Image Conference in . The conference brought together individuals from across Africa, including high-ranking representatives from African High Commissions in Ghana, ministries, journalists, Pan-African activists, and organizations.

The three-day event, held under the theme “Rebranding Africa-Changing the Narratives,” aimed to redefine the image of Africa, challenge stereotypes, and promote positive narratives for the continent's development.

One of the main focuses of the conference was empowering the youth, particularly the finalists of the African Monologue Challenge.

The youth participants, representing nine African countries, led a panel discussion on the role of the youth in reshaping Africa's global image.

Mr Godspower Ipalibo Madodoye, an African Image Ambassador from , emphasized the readiness of the Chamber to change Africa's current negative image.

He highlighted the long-standing misconceptions, misrepresentations, and negative stereotypes that have hindered Africa's progress. He declared that the time has come for Africans to reclaim their narrative and present the true essence of Africa to the world.

Professor Michael Williams, speaking to the (GNA), emphasized the importance of inspiring today's youth by highlighting the struggles of renowned Pan-African figures.

He expressed his excitement for the conference and expressed optimism that the initiatives of the African Chamber of Content Producers would nurture the growth of more Pan-African leaders.

Participants of the conference shared their enthusiasm and how the event transformed their perceptions of Africa and life itself.

Ms Rahinatu Asmaila, a delegate from Salaga, Ghana, spoke of her excitement and how the conference had reshaped her views on Africa's potential.

Mr Moudeina Voussou, a Chadian delegate representing the Government of , commended the organizers for their efforts. Despite the language barrier, he appreciated the personal translator provided to ensure he didn't miss out on anything during the conference.

He expressed his intention to return to Chad with a positive mindset and use the opportunity to influence positive policies through the transitional Prime Minister of Chad and other Image Ambassadors in Chad.

The Africa Image Conference is set to become an annual event, alternating between different African countries and diaspora locations.

The conference aims to promote positive narratives, foster unity, and serve as a catalyst for rebranding Africa's image and driving sustainable development.

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