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Mahama joins New Year worship, emphasizes compassion and opportunities

January 1, 2024
Mahama joins New Year worship, emphasizes compassion and opportunities
John Dramani Mahama

, the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (), along with his wife, Lordina Mahama, marked the transition to the by joining worshippers at the Sanctuary of Wind and Fire Assemblies of God Church in .

The event, which took place on December 31, was attended by Members of , Alhassan Suhuyini, and Murtala Mohammed.

Pastor Aaron Lambon Fant, the Head Pastor of , warmly received Mr Mahama and his delegation.

In his address to the congregation, Mahama urged worshippers to embrace compassion in their lives, emphasizing its importance in Christian practice.

He also spoke about recognizing opportunities, emphasizing that sometimes great opportunities are disguised.

Addressing the youth, Mahama encouraged them to seize every opportunity, regardless of its perceived value, as it could lead to significant benefits in the future.

Pastor Fant expressed gratitude for having Mr Mahama and his delegation at the church, considering it an honour.

During the sermon, Pastor Fant urged Christians to challenge themselves for greater achievements in the new year and offered prayers for Mr Mahama.

He prayed for strength and success in Mahama's political endeavours.

As a symbolic gesture, Mahama presented an undisclosed amount of money to the church, describing it as a seed sown toward a personal request.

He promised tenfold returns if his request was granted by God. The specifics of Mahama's request were not disclosed.

The New Year worship event brought together political figures, religious leaders, and worshippers, setting a tone of compassion, hope, and optimism for the year ahead.

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