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Low turnout at Kpone Laaloi Beach raises concerns for business owners

December 27, 2023
Low turnout at Kpone Laaloi Beach raises concerns for business owners
Kpone Laaloi Beach

Beach bar and restaurant owners at Kpone Laaloi beach in the Kpone-Katamanso municipality have expressed concerns about the low turnout of people during the and Day festivities.

They attribute this decline in attendance to the economic hardships faced by the country and various challenges encountered by individuals in their homes.

Mr. Gilbert Kwame Monney, the owner of Frisberry Beach Bar, voiced his disappointment over the poor turnout for their Christmas activities, noting a significant difference compared to the previous year.

He highlighted that in the previous Christmas season, beach enthusiasts, including adults and children from various locations, flocked to the beach to celebrate with family and friends.

However, this year, the same level of enthusiasm and attendance was not observed.

According to Mr Monney, the recent economic challenges played a role in the low turnout, but he also emphasized the need for improvements at the beach to attract more visitors.

He particularly pointed out the issue of around the beach, considering it a significant problem that drives customers away.

Maintaining cleanliness in the area is crucial for enhancing the overall experience for beachgoers.

Additionally, Mr Monney raised concerns about the condition of the road leading to the beach, contributing to the low turnout.

Customers, especially those with vehicles, face challenges in accessing the beach due to the road's poor condition, requiring them to park at a distance and walk a considerable distance to reach the beach.

Addressing these infrastructure and cleanliness issues is crucial for revitalizing business at Kpone Laaloi Beach and attracting more visitors to the area.

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