Lottery and betting players displeased with introduction of 20% and 10% taxes

Lottery and betting players have expressed their displeasure with the introduction of a 20% tax on gross gaming revenue and a 10% withholding tax on winnings.

According to them, the taxes will negatively impact the sales, revenue, profits, and growth of the lottery industry.

According to a statement, the players said that the 10% withholding tax on winnings would prevent thousands of players from staking lottery products both in kiosks and online.

They also claimed that many lottery marketing companies are already struggling due to high debts resulting from large payouts to players and hefty license fees paid to the National Lottery Authority.

Furthermore, the inability of the National Lottery Authority to pay out winning tickets promptly and the 20% commissions paid to lottery marketing companies have also contributed to a decline in sales and revenue.

The players called on the to reconsider the taxes on the gross sales of lottery marketing and betting companies, as well as the taxes on winnings.

They also urged the suspension of the implementation of these taxes and broad consultations with relevant stakeholders to reach a consensus on the best way forward to address the concerns of the lottery industry.

The stakeholders include the National Lottery Authority, private-sector lotto operators, lotto marketing companies, sports betting companies, and others.

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