LGBTQ rights group, Rightify Ghana, condemns assault on queer individual at University of Ghana

LGBTQ rights group condemns assault on queer individual at University of Ghana

Rightify Ghana, an advocacy organization focused on empowerment and inclusivity, has released a statement expressing deep concern over the recent incident at the .

The incident involved the assault, public humiliation, and stripping naked of a queer individual by a group of men believed to be university students.

The organization highlighted the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that the violent act not only caused harm to the victim but also tarnished the university's reputation, especially considering its commitment to inclusivity outlined in the student handbook.

Rightify Ghana urged the University of Ghana to take decisive action beyond written rules to ensure a safe and inclusive educational environment.

The organization called for a thorough internal investigation by university authorities and collaboration with the to hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions.

The details of the incident revealed a distressing situation where a young man in his twenties was assaulted and stripped naked on campus, with the attackers using sticks.

The victim, labelled as gay during the assault, faced a traumatic experience as bystanders from hostels watched and questioned the unfolding situation.

The organization emphasized the need for concrete actions to enforce principles of inclusivity and tolerance, stressing that the university has an opportunity to lead by example in championing human rights and equality within its academic community.

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