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Labour Commission refuses to hear concerns raised by CETAG until strike is called off

June 28, 2024
Labour Commission refuses to hear concerns raised by CETAG until strike is called off

The (NLC) has declined to hear concerns raised by the leadership of the Colleges of Education Association of Ghana (CETAG) for failing to call off their strike.

According to the NLC, it will never allow CETAG members sit in its meeting if their strike continues.

Meanwhile, the NLC is in court to secure a court injunction against the CETAG strike.

The Director of Human Resource of the Commission, Dr Bernice Welbeck was emphatic that it will not listen to the leadership of CETAG until the strike has been called off.

“So today they appeared, and the Commission declined to meet them because they have failed to comply with the Commission's directive to call off their strike,” she said.

Chief Executive Officer of the , Ben Arthur also urged leadership of CETAG to call off the strike.

“This is a national institution mandated by law passed by . When we were told that we were not complying with an arbitrary award, we were not happy so all the steps we had to take we have been able to do. Whatever the case, I think engagement is the way to go,” he stressed.

President of Principals of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF), Prof Atintono was sad about the ongoing strike of CETAG.

“We were surprised because they are coming here for the NLC awards and the same NLC has instructed, they have to respect it,” he noted.

A labour consultant, Austin Gamey, called for mutual cooperation between government and CETAG to resolve the issues.

“Both parties have not done their work well, so they must go back and sit together and resolve their differences before coming to the Commission to report,” Mr Gamey explained.

Meanwhile, CETAG has declined to speak to the media after the directive.

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