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Keta MP petitions IGP on death of landlord who was allegedly beaten by Keta police during arrest attempt

Keta MP petitions IGP on death of landlord who was allegedly beaten by Keta police during arrest attempt

Mr Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpe, Member of (MP) for in the , has petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) on the alleged death of Jerry Kpesenu, popularly called Maya, who died in custody at the Keta Divisional Police headquarters.

The request by the legislator was part of activities initiated to seek justice for the deceased who was allegedly maltreated, beaten, and molested by the Keta police during an attempt to arrest him.

Mr Gakpe, in a petition, stated that Mr Kpesenu, a respected landlord, had a misunderstanding with one of his tenants regarding the installation of an air conditioner upon which police officers were called to intervene.

“According to multiple eyewitness accounts, the officer, instead of resolving the issue peacefully, resorted to intimidation, maltreatment, and physical assault by beating Mr Kpesenu with cables,” he stated.

Mr Gakpe further stated that the deceased was subsequently arrested and detained at the Keta Police station, where he died under alleged suspicious circumstances.

He said the sad incident had caused immense distress and outrage within Keta, and many believed that the deceased's death was a direct result of the unprofessional conduct on the part of the Police.

“Such conducts are not only a violation of the ethical standards expected of law enforcement officers but also a severe breach of the human rights of the deceased.”

Mr Gakpe, is, therefore, demanding from Dr Akuffo Dampare (IGP) to activate a full-scale investigation into the circumstances leading to the death of the deceased without delay.

He requested for an independent autopsy to be conducted to determine the true cause of death of the deceased.

Mr Gakpe indicated that the IGP should initiate disciplinary and criminal proceedings against any officer and persons found culpable in the death of the deceased.

He urged the police hierarchy to provide regular updates on the progress of the investigations and assurance of justice with the interdiction of all suspected police officers involved in the act until the final determination of the issue.

He said, “This petition represents the collective voices of concerned and law-abiding citizens of Keta, both home and abroad, and we place our faith in the to uphold justice and protect the rights of all citizens.”

The unfortunate incident occurred on Thursday, June 6, and the youth of Keta later held a press conference on Monday, June 10 to demand justice for the deceased family.

Attempts to get a response from the Police to the incident had proven futile.

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