Kasoa: NDC claims political intimidation over detention of Parliamentary Candidate Naa Koryoo

Phillis Naa Koryoo Okunor applauds unity, collaboration at Check Mate meeting
Phillis Naa Koryoo Okunor

The National Democratic Congress () has accused the police of politically motivated harassment following the detention of their Parliamentary Candidate for the Constituency, . According to NDC Communications Director, , Koryoo was detained without valid cause after a registered firearm was found in her vehicle.

Gyamfi alleges that the police are exploiting a minor clerical discrepancy in Koryoo's firearm registration document, where her first name appears as “Phyllis” instead of “Phylis.” He contends that this issue is being used as a pretext to unjustly detain her.

Gyamfi contrasted Koryoo's situation with that of MP , who in 2020 fired a gun at a registration center but faced no similar detention. He urged NDC supporters to rally at the Cantonments Police Station to demand Koryoo's immediate release and denounce what he describes as targeted harassment by a police service controlled by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Koryoo has been held at the CID Headquarters since morning and is now being transferred to the Cantonments Police Station. The NDC calls for an end to what it terms the oppression and harassment of its members by the police.

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