John Mahama affirms Okada business legitimacy, outlines plans for agricultural revitalization

John Mahama affirms Okada business legitimacy, outlines plans for agricultural revitalization
Okada business

, the leader of Ghana's National Democratic Congress () for the 2024 general elections, emphasized the legitimacy of the motorcycle transportation industry (Okada) during his Building Ghana tour in the . Addressing a large gathering at the Agormanya Saint Martin's Parish Hall, Mahama stated that the Okada business has entrenched itself and cannot be dismantled by any government.

Mahama criticized the current government's failure to address economic challenges and provide employment opportunities for the youth. He asserted that Okada riders have a permanent place in the transportation sector, and no government can eliminate their business. Mahama maintained his commitment to implementing a comprehensive system that includes registering, licensing, and regulating Okada riders to provide clear guidelines for their smooth operation.

During his tour, Mahama also highlighted plans for agricultural revitalization, particularly in the enclaves. He pledged to establish a farmer's cooperative to address challenges faced by farmers in acquiring agricultural supplies. Each district, according to Mahama, will have a farmer service centre equipped with essential tools to support farmers.

Mahama expressed optimism that these measures would contribute to the revival of the agricultural sector and help alleviate current economic challenges. His two-day Building Ghana campaign tour in the Eastern Region included engagements with various stakeholders, such as the Regional Executive Committee, transport unions, traders, clergy, and local farmers.

The tour also involved town hall meetings, visits to educational institutions, and rallies, showcasing Mahama's dedication to grassroots perspectives and party unity. The former president emphasized the importance of addressing economic issues, supporting the agricultural sector, and recognizing the legitimacy of the Okada business in Ghana's development.

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