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Independent Presidential Candidate vows to serve all Ghanaians and review government policies

January 30, 2024
Independent Presidential Candidate vows to serve all Ghanaians and review government policies
Mr George Twum-Barimah-Adu

Mr George Twum-Barimah-Adu, an Independent Presidential Candidate, has pledged to serve all Ghanaians regardless of their political affiliation if elected as the President of the country in the upcoming December 7 elections. Speaking at the official launch of his 2024 campaign in Osu, , Mr Twum-Barimah-Adu emphasized his commitment to being a selfless leader who prioritizes the interests of the people.

Under the slogan “Breaking the Two,” Mr Twum-Barimah-Adu positioned himself as an alternative to the two major political parties in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party () and the National Democratic Congress (). He criticized the past three decades of governance under these parties, stating that their policies have failed to deliver the required development for the people.

Outlined policies and promises from Mr Twum-Barimah-Adu include:

Government Efficiency: Promising to run a lean and efficient government, adhering to constitutional mandates with a cabinet size of 19 ministers and 63 ministers.

Reducing Expenditure: Committing to cutting down on government expenditure and eliminating wastage by selling non-profitable state enterprises, scrutinizing public procurement, and reviewing contracts for value for money.

: Vowing to fight illegal mining by enforcing existing laws, passing new ones if necessary, and providing alternative livelihoods such as Carbon Credit Harvesting for the youth.

Mr Twum-Barimah-Adu urged Ghanaians to break away from the two major parties and vote for him, promising to bring about positive transformation and be a leader for all Ghanaians. He emphasized his dedication to servant leadership, efficiency, effectiveness, honesty, and respect.

The event was attended by various individuals, including traditional leaders such as Nii Ahene Nunu, of Abola, and other members of the Ga Traditional Council. The Independent Presidential Candidate is positioning himself as a viable option for Ghanaians seeking a change from the traditional political landscape.

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