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Independent Parliamentary candidate pledges to tackle development shortfall in Sunyani East

Independent Parliamentary candidate pledges to tackle development shortfall in Sunyani East

Mr Ransford Antwi, an Election 2024 Independent Parliamentary Candidate in the constituency, has intensified his electioneering campaign with a promise to address the development shortfall in the constituency if elected on December 7.

During a visit to some communities in the constituency, Mr Antwi told residents his decision to join the political race was to ensure that the holistic development of the constituency was brought to the next level and for the local communities to equally benefit from national development.

Mr Antwi's visits took him to Atuahenekrom, Nwawasua, Abesim as well as Areas Two, Three and Four and Penkwasi.
He said the tour was to enable him to interact with the masses, identify and together help tackle the pressing challenges of the communities.

Mr Antwi said he was highly connected, both home and abroad, and pledged to work hard not only to lobby for development, but also portray the economic potentials of the constituency to attract investments for job creation and poverty reduction.

So far, his campaign messages had been centering on tackling unemployment, sports development, as well as improving access to potable drinking water, health outcomes and to enhance the socio-economic livelihoods of the constituents.

At Atuahenekrom, a community, a resident farmer, Mary Adjoa, commended the independent candidate for fixing the broken water facility in the area.

Mr Osman Issa, the Assemblyman for Atuahenekrom Electoral Area, said the mechanized borehole had not been functioning for years, saying “Mr Antwi intervention has relieved us of the water problem.”

Before then, he said residents of Atuahenekrom, including children, which had a population of about 3,000 had to walk distances every day to fetch water from the adjoining community for their domestic chores.

At the Nwawasua farming community, the residents appealed to the candidate to help extend the telecommunication network to the area.

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