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Inauguration of Wa Municipal Assembly marks commitment to development

February 13, 2024
Inauguration of Wa Municipal Assembly marks commitment to development
Assembly members Wa

Mr Tahiru Issahaku Moomin, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), urged Assembly Members to view their roles as sacrificial service to their communities, the Municipality, and the nation, aiming to drive development.

Addressing the newly inaugurated Assembly Members, Mr. Moomin emphasized the importance of serving the people with dedication and integrity, ensuring their true participation in decision-making processes and governance.

The Wa Municipal Assembly, comprising 45 Assembly Members – 31 elected and 14 appointed – was officially inaugurated for the next four years. Justice Abdul Yusif Assibey, the Supervising High Court Judge in Wa, conducted the swearing-in ceremony in the presence of traditional leaders and heads of departments and agencies.

Mr. Moomin outlined the vision of the Wa Municipal Assembly to achieve an “International standard Municipality,” prioritizing modernization, peace, reliability, and sustainability. He emphasized the crucial role of Assembly Members in harnessing human and material resources to provide essential infrastructure and socio-economic services.

Highlighting the challenges ahead, Mr. Moomin underscored the importance of unity and collective effort in overcoming poverty and illiteracy, urging Assembly Members to focus on municipal development despite any electoral differences.

While acknowledging past achievements in education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, and environmental sustainability, Mr. Moomin stressed the need for continued progress and improvement.

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, the Regional Minister, reiterated the significance of inaugurating the Assemblies, marking a milestone in deepening decentralized governance as mandated by the 1992 Constitution. He called for ongoing capacity-building efforts to empower Assembly Members to fulfil their duties effectively.

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