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I Want to Die Empty – PK Amoabeng

June 18, 2024
I Want to Die Empty – PK Amoabeng

Captain Amoabeng was at an event that aimed to raise funds for the PK Amoabeng Leadership Foundation, which seeks to empower young individuals by transforming their mindset.

The founder of the PK Amoabeng Leadership Foundation, Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng (Rtd), has made a heartfelt declaration to share all the experience he has gathered in life with young people so he can “die empty”.

“I want to die empty, giving all my experience to the youth,” he said while delivering a speech on “Developing Resilience in Business” on Saturday, June 15, 2024, at an event that was aimed at raising funds for the PK Amoabeng Leadership Foundation.

At the same event, Captain Amoabeng also urged the youth to take charge of their destiny and work together to address Ghana's challenges. He emphasized the need for mentorship, leadership, and guidance, promising support to help them achieve their goals.

“We must equip the upcoming generation with the skills and knowledge required to build a better future for Ghana, which is why we established the PK Amoabeng Foundation,” he said.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Amoabeng shared his experience building UT Holdings from scratch some years ago.

“Starting UT Holdings 30 years ago was easier than addressing the woes we face as a country. We need leaders with integrity, love, and care,” he reflected.

Amoabeng also touched on his grandfather's story and reflected on Ghana's struggles with bad governance, , and institutional breakdown.

He stressed that the country's prosperity depends on prioritizing key virtues over worldly success

“Why leave our country's future to chance? We must prioritize resilience, humility, and integrity, not defined by worldly success,” he added.

The PK Amoabeng Foundation seeks to empower young individuals by transforming their mindset.

With the inaugural cohort nearing completion, the foundation looks forward to welcoming new applicants for the next cohort.

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