Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku donates exercise books to Junior High Schools in Teshie

Benjamin Narteh Ayiku

Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku, the esteemed Member of for the Ledzokuku Constituency, is making significant contributions to the promotion of education in the region.

In a remarkable demonstration of his dedication to the intellectual growth of young learners, the Honorable MP has generously donated exercise books to several Government Junior High Schools in Teshie.

This act of benevolence unfolded during a heartfelt donation ceremony earlier today, where Honorable Benjamin Narteh Ayiku presented an array of exercise books to enrich the educational journey of the students.

The primary objective of this thoughtful gesture is to supply essential educational resources to these institutions, thus fostering an environment conducive to learning.

In this laudable endeavour, a multitude of junior high schools in Teshie were beneficiaries of Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku's generosity. Dar-Es-Salaam “A” received 320 exercise books, while Dar-Es-Salaam Islamic JHS was presented with 225.

Jordan Methodist Basic School was allocated 275 exercise books, and Teshie Hedor R/C Basic School received 290. Other recipients included Teshie Salem Presby JHS with 640 exercise books, Teshie Bethlehem Presby JHS with 365, and Marteytsuru Presby JHS with 630.

Additionally, the compassionate initiative extended to Dar-Es-Salaam B & C JHS, which received 615 exercise books, Teshie Basic School with 285, and Teshie Aboma Presby JHS, benefiting from 355 exercise books. This comprehensive distribution strategy ensures that students across various educational backgrounds and institutions in Teshie have equal access to valuable learning resources.

Mrs. Theresa Tetteh, the Municipal Education Director, and Mr. Tawiah, the Municipal PTA Chairman, conveyed their heartfelt gratitude for Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku's substantial contribution. They acknowledged the pivotal role these exercise books would play in enhancing the quality of education and fostering academic excellence among the students.

Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku expressed his unwavering commitment to the educational advancement of Teshie's youth, solidifying his dedication to the cause.

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