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Homosexual young man assaulted for trying to sleep with another man at Assin Fosu

June 19, 2024
Homosexual young man assaulted for making advances towards a young man at Assin Fosu
The homosexual young man

Unemployed young man, popularly called Junior believed to be a homosexual, was assaulted on Monday night for reportedly making advances towards another young man at , in the Fosu Municipality of the

The victim in his twenties, popularly known as Junior, was seen in a widely circulated video being beaten by a group of people.  

Some residents who pleaded anonymity told the that the homosexual community in Assin Fosu had established a WhatsApp group into which they added a young man without his consent. 

Over time, the victim who is part of the WhatsApp group, contacted the boy and expressed interest in having a sexual affair with him at a particular hotel in Assin Fosu of which he obliged. 

The young man who disagreed with activities of homosexuals, organised friends to the said location to wait for the victim (Junior) to “teach him a lesson.” 

Junior upon arrival at the said location was beaten until he allegedly confessed that he was gay and wanted to have sexual affair with the young man. 

The victim was seen in the video receiving slaps, pushes with bruises all over his hands and face. 

According to an eyewitness, condoms and Viagra (Tiger), a sexual enhancement product was found on him during a search. 

A check at the Assin Fosu police station established that no official complaint had been made so far. 

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