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Heart for Children Foundation provides 68 boreholes to address water challenges in Sunyani West

June 20, 2024
Heart for Children Foundation provides 68 boreholes to address water challenges in Sunyani West

The Heart for Children Foundation Ghana, a non-government organisation () based in Nsoatre, has provided 68 boreholes to address water challenges in the West municipality.
In 2023, the NGO provided 22 boreholes and an additional 46 were provided in 2024 to benefit 75 communities in the municipality.
This initiative is aimed at providing sustainable access to clean water, ultimately improving the overall quality of life for residents in the beneficiary areas.
During an interview, Mr. Solomon Boateng, the Founder and Director of the Foundation stressed the significant impact of the project on the beneficiary communities.
He noted that some community members previously had to walk up to 14 kilometres to access clean water.
Mr. Boateng said the provision of clean, healthy water was a crucial aspect of the foundation's mission, saying they were dedicated to improving the lives of children and ensuring a better future for them.
He said while the focus was on children, the benefits of the projects were also extended to adults in the communities.
Highlighting the support the Foundation had provided in the health sector, Mr . Boateng stated in the year 2023 a brand-new Toyota ambulance was donated to the Nsoatre Polyclinic, along with the construction of a new Outpatient Department (OPD) block, consulting room, maternity block and ward.
He added that the facilities were equipped with electronic hospital beds and other necessary equipment to enhance the clinic's capacity.
Mr. Boateng mentioned that in the first quarter of 2024, the Foundation continued its support by constructing a new pharmacy, laboratory and a recovery ward at the clinic.
Additionally, an anesthesia machine was purchased, along with other essential machines and equipment for the facility.
He said all the efforts were aimed at strengthening the clinic's resources to provide quality medical care to residents of Nsoatre and surrounding communities.

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