Health experts emphasize diet and exercise for obesity management

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Health experts emphasize diet and exercise for obesity management: Ghana News

In a recent health education and advocacy session organized by the , experts from the International Maritime Hospital highlighted the significance of proper dieting and regular exercise as effective strategies for managing obesity.

Ms Ama Hienne Amoako, a Dietician at the hospital, emphasized that while specific therapies or drugs for obesity may not be readily available, adopting healthy lifestyle habits is crucial.

Ms Amoako stressed the importance of setting healthy behavioral goals for obese families to promote overall well-being.

While surgery is an option for severely obese individuals, the focus remains on encouraging families to embrace healthier lifestyles. She advised, “Do not eat or exercise solely to gain or lose weight; do it for other health benefits to the body.”

The importance of dietary choices was underscored, with Ms Amoako encouraging everyone to increase vegetable consumption, especially greens, and reduce intake of fatty and chunky foods.

She pointed out that obesity, which can be inherited, may lead to chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, and psychological stress.

Dr Marc Kwame Dzradosi, the Head of Pharmaceutical Services at IMaH, recommended regular visits to dieticians or nutritionists for assistance with weight management and monitoring. “Set a diet goal, exercise regularly, and eat healthy.

This is the only way to help keep the body healthy and in shape,” he advised. Dr Dzradosi highlighted the importance of self-assessment, exercise, and a balanced diet for maintaining physical fitness.

Mr Francis Ameyibor, the Regional Manager of GNA, emphasized the collective responsibility of creating a healthy society.

He urged everyone to be concerned about the well-being of others, reinforcing the idea that a community-wide commitment is essential for fostering a healthier populace.

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