Health expert advises testing before malaria treatment

Health expert advises testing before malaria treatment
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Dr Michael Tetteh, Head of the Herbal Unit at General Hospital, has advised individuals to undergo testing for malaria before initiating any malaria-related treatment.

He emphasized that patients should test positive for malaria before opting for artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), the standard treatment for malaria.

Dr Tetteh explained that malaria parasites typically manifest in the body within 10-15 days after being bitten by a female Anopheles mosquito.

Speaking during a health-related communication initiative, he urged people experiencing malaria symptoms to visit health facilities for proper testing instead of relying solely on pharmacy tests.

While rapid tests are common in pharmacies, Dr. Tetteh recommended the blood film test procedure available at health facilities for more accurate and specific diagnoses.

He cautioned against consuming artemether-based drugs without a confirmed diagnosis, as this could contribute to the development of parasite resistance.

Dr Tetteh emphasized the importance of community efforts, such as organized communal labour to clear stagnant water, desilt gutters, and maintain a clean environment, in preventing malaria.

He also highlighted the significance of following WHO recommendations for artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) as the standard medication for malaria treatment.

In addition to proper treatment, Dr. Tetteh advised the public to adopt healthy lifestyles, including a balanced diet, wearing protective clothing at night, and sleeping under well-treated insecticide nets to prevent malaria.

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