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Government releases GH¢150 million to patch potholes across the country

February 16, 2024
Government allocates GH¢150 million to tackle potholes across the country

The Ghanaian government has released an allocation of GH¢150 million to engage and compensate road contractors involved in patching potholes across the nation. This financial disbursement forms part of the initial quarterly funds released by the to the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

The intervention specifically targets the and the Department of Urban Roads, providing them with the necessary resources to capitalize on the dry season. The aim is to undertake essential routine pothole patching activities on major roads that experienced deterioration in the past year, mainly due to heavy rainfall.

The Ministry is optimistic that this timely injection of funds will result in smoother road surfaces, contributing to a significant reduction in the risk of accidents and enhancing the overall lifespan of the country's road infrastructure.

The Ministry of Roads and Highways emphasizes its unwavering commitment to addressing challenges within the national road network. It urges cooperation from all stakeholders as efforts are made to enhance the conditions of roads throughout the country.

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