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Gospel singer Annjoy advocates more support for budding artistes

Budding gospel artist Annjoy, known in private life as Anita Joyce Osei Boateng, has appealed to radio presenters and show hosts for their support in promoting upcoming artists by playing their songs on their shows.

According to Annjoy, this support is crucial in advancing the careers of upcoming artists, as many dreams have been shattered due to the lack of support from industry players and stakeholders.

“Upcoming artists find it challenging to finance and promote their songs. I plead with presenters to help by playing our songs on their shows. Presenters often prioritize promoting established artists, but it's important to remember that they all started from somewhere,” she said.

Annjoy shared the difficulties she has faced over the years, including broken promises from those who had pledged to support her career. These setbacks caused her to delay the release of her debut song.

“I've had this talent since I was a child, but I began focusing on my music career at the age of 19 in . Even at such a young age, I found inspiration to write songs and managed to put together a demo with the help of a friend,” she recounted.

“The studio manager, where my demo was recorded, believed in my talent and had me do some backing vocals for him. Although I had people promising to manage and sign me to a record label, it never materialized. I created the demo in 2009 but was unable to promote it due to societal pressures,” Annjoy disclosed.

She also discussed her latest single, “You Are Bigger,” revealing that she wrote the song in 2021 during the pandemic lockdown and recorded it in June 2022.

“I am also working on other songs, and I promise Ghanaians that I won't release just anything but very good, thoughtful, and inspirational gospel music,” she added. Annjoy also announced that the music video for the song is ready and available on .

Expressing gratitude to everyone who has played a significant role in her life and career, Annjoy expressed her eagerness to collaborate with Ceccy Twum and elevate Ghanaian gospel music to new heights.

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