Glass fabricator sentenced to 10 years for narcotics possession

Glass fabricator sentenced to 10 years for narcotics possession

A 21-year-old glass fabricator, Charles Obeng, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in hard labour by an Circuit Court for possessing narcotics. Additionally, the court ordered Obeng to pay a fine of 10,000 penalty units, equivalent to GH¢120,000. He will serve another year in prison if he fails to pay the fine. Obeng, who denied the offence, was found culpable after the trial.

The case unfolded when police officers stationed at Kaneshie received intelligence that a young man, suspected of carrying leaves believed to be narcotics, was about to board a -bound vehicle. The police arrested Obeng at the Takoradi lorry station at Kaneshie, where he was found with two travelling bags containing tablets and oval-shaped substances suspected to be narcotics.

During the investigation, Obeng admitted to the offence, stating that he took delivery of the goods at Mallam and was supposed to deliver the package to his uncle in Takoradi. The uncle, identified as Emmanuel Nyarko, alias Maxi, or Papa Afre, is being sought by the police. The exhibits were forwarded to the Police Forensic Laboratory for examination, and they tested positive for narcotics. Obeng's conviction serves as a legal consequence for his involvement in the possession and transportation of illegal substances.

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