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GHS worried over low turnout for COVID-19 vaccination

February 20, 2024
GHS worried over low turnout for COVID-19 vaccination

The Sissala East Municipal Health Directorate organized a day-long meeting focused on risk communication and community engagement to address issues surrounding the acceptance of vaccination within communities. Mr. Clifford Vengkunmwine, the Sissala East Municipal Director of Health, highlighted the challenges posed by myths and misconceptions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, leading to hesitancy among certain populations.

During the meeting, Mr. Vengkumwine emphasized the importance of addressing these misconceptions and myths, which have hindered vaccination efforts. He noted that while some communities, particularly the Fulbe community, have shown acceptance towards vaccination, others have expressed reluctance due to various concerns.

Among the misconceptions discussed were fears of infertility, conspiracy theories regarding government motives, and concerns about adverse reactions to the vaccine. Mr Vengkumwine clarified that these misconceptions were unfounded and reassured participants that the vaccines had undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety.

Acknowledging that vaccine hesitancy was a complex issue, Mr Vengkumwine called upon participants from diverse sectors such as religious groups, security agencies, traditional authorities, education, and the media to collaborate on an action plan. The aim of this plan is to increase acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines within the community through targeted communication and engagement strategies.

The meeting highlighted the importance of community involvement and collaboration in addressing vaccine hesitancy and promoting public health initiatives. By dispelling myths and providing accurate information, the health authorities aim to build trust and encourage widespread vaccination to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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