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Ghanaians React to Former President John Dramani Mahama’s Interaction with Journalists

July 9, 2024
John Mahama

Former President addressed the nation, captivating the attention of Ghanaians and sparking a range of reactions. platforms were abuzz with responses, reflecting a spectrum of opinions on his performance and the questions posed by journalists.

Larry Asiedu (@larryasiedu7704) expressed high praise for Mahama, noting, “His grasp of issues was spot on. He spoke like a good leader with neither malice nor vindictiveness. His calm demeanour is exemplary.”
Similarly impressed, Makkk Yao (@MakkkYaoM) simply stated, “Over impressed.”

Eric Dzansi (@ericdzansi5704) commended Mahama's thoroughness, stating, “Every facets of our dear country was touched on on his fingertips indicating his high sense of connectedness with the day to day activities. Superfluously apt.”

From a political standpoint, Graham Billy (@grahambilly3067) remarked, “Well I think he did well my prayer is in performance I believe in him compared to Bawumia or Akuffo Addo so far based on what has happened in the past years even though am a member of the .”

Isaac Ayumah (@isaacayumah2988) felt a renewed sense of optimism, commenting, “He actually brought our hope's back.”

While the majority seemed favourable, there were critical voices as well. Elijah Agyeni Boateng (@elijahagyenimboateng7707) rated Mahama poorly, stating, “I give him 3/10. Responses were as follows…
1. Blatant LIES.
2. Deceitful promises.
3. Whimsical promises.
4. Lack of clarity on how to implement his ideas.
5. Overall, his engagement failed to reinvigorate the hopes of the people, considering his track record of dissatisfactory performance when he was President. Still not the alternative, looking at the problems we face as a nation at this point of our democracy.”

Emacran (@emacran1) felt the interaction lacked depth, noting, “It was a pleasure trip. No strict proof questions. For example, the last gerrymandering to increase constituencies and districts was done under him, yet he sought to blame others. Did he really launch Free in 2015 and still campaign against it in 2016?”

On the other hand, Justice Kessie (@justicekessie) appreciated Mahama's honesty, stating, “He was honest with us! We all know that the economy must be fixed, and indeed he wants to fix that first, and not promising heaven in the next 4 years.”

Despite varied opinions on Mahama's performance, there was a consensus on the importance of such interactions. User tn5403 (@tn5403) highlighted this, saying, “The former president's answers were on point and reflected our reality today. I think these interactions must be encouraged. The journalists also did well with the kind of questions that were asked.”

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