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Ghanaians react as John Mahama stops shy of promising new sports stadium construction

July 8, 2024
John Mahama

Former President and National Democratic Congress () flagbearer, , recently addressed the pressing issue of Ghana's sports infrastructure, stating he cannot promise a new stadium given the current economic crisis. This statement has sparked varied reactions across platforms.

In a conversation with journalists on Sunday night, Mahama was questioned about his plans for improving the country's sports facilities if elected in December's General Elections. He acknowledged the financial constraints facing the nation, saying, “In the current crisis in which we are, I would not stand here and promise that we will build a new stadium.” However, he did mention that under the proposed “big push” initiative, there would be substantial investment in infrastructure, potentially including sports facilities.

Ghana's sports infrastructure has long been a subject of concern, with the Confederation of African Football often having to find compromises to allow the country's football teams to play continental matches at home. The Borteyman Sports Complex and the Stadium, both constructed for the 2023 , are currently the only facilities in good condition to host major multi-sport events.

Social Media Reactions

Mr Mahama's honesty about the economic situation and his realistic approach to the stadium issue have elicited a mix of praise and criticism online.

One user, @user-wz3tp3fp5x, praised Mahama, calling him an “honest leader,” while @kwamejoe5294 agreed, simply stating, “True talk JM.” Similarly, @henriettaafariacquaye3193 noted, “The truth always sets you free. One lesson JDM has learnt.” @thunder4993 echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that Mahama was “being real here, and that's the gospel truth.” @spencerashiboye4168 added, “Honesty for once and that's what Ghanaians want,” and @dela7185 described Mahama as “a leader so honest and genuine.” Additionally, @africanzone2646 commented, “This is a president who wants to restore the economic crisis first, this is a thinking man, not our digital AI guy who knows nothing.”

On the other hand, some reactions were less favourable. @owususarforichard9905 criticized Mahama's perceived pessimism, stating, “The impossible JM for you, nothing is possible. Ghanaians, do you want a leader who is always thinking impossibility? A word to the wise is enough.” This comment sparked several replies, with @MakkkYaoM retorting, “Yes, we want a leader who thinks impossibility always because such leaders always deliver,” and @isaacayumah2988 adding, “Yes, we want because he is honest to us not those who go about lying to our face with promises like one district one factory, one village one dam.” @Chapter7129 chimed in, criticizing the current administration for prioritizing the over healthcare.

Humour also found its way into the discourse. @anthonyyawtwumasimensah197 quipped, “If this were Bawuliar, he would promise a new stadium in every region equipped with AI referees and a digital training centre,” eliciting laughter and agreement from others. @kwamelebene9783 joked, “Lol, and an airport,” and then added, “Oh, and a Cathedral in heaven,” while @delaboadum972 remarked, “Hahaha…We know them now.”

Mahama's straightforward approach has resonated with many Ghanaians who appreciate his honesty about the nation's financial limitations. However, others criticize his perceived pessimism, arguing that a leader should be more optimistic about the country's potential.

As the December elections approach, Mr Mahama's comments and the public's reactions highlight the critical balancing act between realistic promises and hopeful visions for Ghana's future.

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  1. Mahama could do as Akufo-Addo did with the national cathedral: Promise to build it, and then, when elected, not do it (or build a fence and plaster it with drawings of the non-existing project).

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