Ghanaian citizens cautioned on hosting strangers

In a bid to prevent terrorism and violent extremism, the public has been advised to be cautious in hosting strangers in their homes or workplaces.

Colonel Worlanyo Agbebo, the Command Operations Officer of the Northern Command, who gave the caution, called on the citizenry to be vigilant and report suspicious persons and groups to the nearest police station for scanning.

He said this in an interview with the in following security alerts from the and individual security experts.

Meanwhile, the and other security services have been deployed to jointly patrol the border regions of the country.

Colonel Agbebo said the National Security had designed an operation involving the Military and other security services, especially the Police and Immigration, termed “Operation Conquered Fist”.

“Personnel has been permanently deployed in almost all major and minor border crossing points in the regions as part of the Operation Conquered Fist,” he said.

“The aim is to ward off infiltrators and suspected jihadists thus the deployment along the country's borders in the Northern, , , and regions taking note of jihadists' activities in the Sahel”.

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