Ghana showcases Fintech prowess at FinTech Islands event in Barbados

Ghana showcases Fintech prowess at FinTech Islands event in Barbados
FinTech Islands event in Barbados

Ghana's dynamic FinTech industry took the spotlight at the prestigious FinTech Islands event in Barbados, where a delegation represented the country's digital finance ecosystem. The delegation, led by Mr. Martin Kwame Awagah, President of the Ghana Fintech and Payments Association, and Mr. Richard Nunekpeku, Vice President of Legal and Strategy, highlighted Ghana's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and active participation in the global FinTech dialogue.

The FinTech Islands event serves as a platform for nations to share insights, collaborate, and shape the future of financial technology, particularly in the Caribbean region. Ghana's representation at the event underscored its significance as a key player in the global FinTech landscape.

Mr. Awagah initiated the proceedings with a panel session on “Banking for All of Us: FinTech Innovation Driving Financial Inclusion.” He emphasized Ghana's dedication to utilizing technology for widespread financial inclusion, citing government policies like the National Financial Inclusion Development Strategy (NFIDS), Digital Policy, and the Cashlite Roadmap as catalysts for the country's digital financial evolution.

The panel discussion, which included Mr. Zachary Harding, Mr. Juan Zavala Aleman, and Ms Zia Paton, explored how FinTech innovations contribute to financial inclusion globally.

Mr. Nunekpeku, as the Vice President – Legal and Strategy of the Ghana Fintech and Payment Association, played a significant role as the moderator in a panel discussion on “Fintechs Driving Adoption of Digital Money.” The discussion delved into the role of FinTech companies in promoting the widespread adoption of digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

In another panel discussion, Mr Awagah, alongside Mr Kwame Oppong, Director of Fintech and Innovation at the , and Ms Carmelle Cadet, Founder and CEO of EMTECH, engaged in a discussion titled “CBDC Masterclass: Lessons Learned from the eCedi Hackathon.” The session provided insights into the implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), drawing lessons from Ghana's innovative eCedi initiative.

Ghana's participation in the FinTech Islands event showcased the nation's advancements in FinTech, its commitment to financial inclusion, and its active role in shaping the future of digital finance on the global stage.

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