Ghana shipper’s law needs to be updated – GSA

Ghana shipper's law needs to be updated - GSA

Mr. Kwesi Baffour Sarpong, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Shippers' Authority (GSA), says Ghana's 50-year-old shipper's law needs to be updated. 

He said the current law did not reflect contemporary practices, dynamics, and trends in the shipping industry. 

“Since its establishment in 1974, the Ghana Shippers' Authority Act has not undergone any review, despite the evolving dynamics of the shipping industry. You will agree with me that the 50-year-old Act urgently needs amendment.” 

The CEO said this at a breakfast meeting with Platinum Shippers in

The breakfast meeting was attended by key stakeholders, who shared their concerns and proposed some amendments.

Mr. Sarpong said the Ministry of Transport (MoT) had initiated the process to amend the Authority's Establishment Act, 1974 (NRCD 254). 

According to the Minister, the amendment aims to empower the Authority to address contemporary issues of concern to industry players, especially shippers, and to strengthen GSA's oversight over the commercial shipping sector.

Mr. Sarpong said the review seeks to ensure trade competitiveness, facilitate a conducive trade environment, uphold minimum service standards, and provide a predictable commercial shipping industry in terms of cost.

The breakfast meeting, he noted, afforded stakeholders the opportunity to share their insight on the drafted amendment bill and other concerns with the Authority.

The Ghana Shippers' Authority Drafted Amendment Bill (2024) will empower the Authority to deal with issues of concern to players within the shippers' industry. 

The bill will expand the scope of the law to cover other modes of shipment and transit trade. 

Key areas to be amended are regulation of shippers, functions of the Authority, transit trade, and registration of ships. 

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