Ghana set for 5G implementation, Says NCA Boss

Ghana set for 5G implementation, Says NCA Boss

Mr. Joe Anokye, Director General of the (NCA), has announced that Ghana is well on its way to adopting 5G wireless data communication for mobile carriers.

Speaking at the 12th R.P. Baffour Memorial lectures organized by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology () in , he assured participants that the necessary spectrum for 5G is available, and plans are underway.

“We have made sure that the spectrum required for 5G is available, but there are few policies that must be made as to exactly how spectrum will be made available. It is very complicated because of the way the market is. We don't want to proceed, and only one entity will have the capability of acquiring the 5G,” Mr. Anokye stated.

Responding to a question about the timeline for Ghana's connection to 5G services, he emphasized the importance of enhancing local internet services before implementing 5G.

“We have to make sure Wi-Fi services at various places where people meet are provided, there is a fibre optic connection to a central point to make your 5G come,” he explained.

Currently, all internet traffic in Ghana passes through the submarine cable landing, with a total of 5.9 terabytes.

To address potential disruptions, Mr. Anokye mentioned that the NCA is licensing additional submarine providers.

Commending KNUST for its technological advancements and adaptability, Mr. Anokye highlighted the institution's progress from the challenges it faced in the early 1990s to its current status as a beacon of knowledge in Ghana's educational landscape.

He stressed the critical role of educational institutions in an era dominated by disruptive technologies.

“The journey of KNUST over the past seven decades stands as a testament to what vision, dedication, resilience, and collaborative spirit can achieve. From its foundational years to alumni and success stories, the University has remained a beacon of knowledge in Ghana's educational landscape,” Mr. Anokye remarked.

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