Ghana Navy’s Ada Foah detachment intercepts suspected narcotics canoe

Ghana Navy's Ada Foah detachment intercepts suspected narcotics canoe

The Foah Detachment of the Riverine Command of the Ghana Navy intercepted a canoe suspected to be carrying narcotics in the Agorkpo general area on December 16, 2023.

Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Marteye, representing Brigadier-General Eric Aggrey-Quashie, the Director General of the Public Relations Department of the , provided details of the operation in a statement:

“The Detachment laid ambush at two locations from 3 am waiting for the movement of the canoes. At about 4 am, the first Ambush Team sighted 3 canoes involved in the illegality proceeding at high speed past their location. Unfortunately, the suspects did not proceed in the direction of the main Ambush Team as anticipated, so the first team of three men chased and intercepted the third canoe. The three suspects on the third canoe dived into the river and escaped, abandoning the canoe and its contents after a scuffle with the naval personnel. The other two canoes escaped towards the estuary and could not be apprehended by the main Ambush team after a follow-up chase.”

The statement highlighted the effectiveness of the naval operation in responding to intelligence, preventing the illicit transport of narcotics, and contributing to ongoing efforts to curb illegal activities in the region.

The Detachment successfully confiscated 45 sacks of suspected marijuana from the intercepted canoe, and the seized items have been transported to the Naval Base in for further investigations.

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