Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons urges government to establish wellness clinics for routine health screening

The Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GCPS) has called on the government to establish wellness clinics nationwide to support routine health screening.

Dr. Richard Adanu, Rector of GCPS, emphasized the importance of these clinics in fighting non-communicable diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

During a health screening exercise conducted as part of the College's 20th-anniversary celebration in Chorkor, Ablekuma South Constituency, and surrounding areas, Dr. Adanu highlighted the significance of annual health checkups for early diagnosis and treatment.

He explained that diabetes and hypertension might not display obvious symptoms, making regular health screenings vital for individuals to know their health status.

The health screening exercise in Chorkor offered various services, including general health screenings, ENT services, eye examinations, dental checkups, and family planning services.

Dr. Justina Ansah, Vice President of the College and Chairperson for the anniversary planning committee, explained that Chorkor was selected due to its deprived nature and numerous health needs.

Dr. Ansah also raised concerns about poor sanitation in the community, which poses health risks to its residents. She appealed to the local assembly and other stakeholders to address the sanitation issues promptly.

The GCPS aims to give back to society through such health initiatives and encourages Ghanaians to utilize the wellness clinics established by the for regular health checkups.

The establishment of wellness clinics across the country could significantly contribute to early disease detection and better overall health outcomes.

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