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German State Parliament honours KNUST Publishing Studies head for promoting Ghana-German cooperation

June 28, 2024
German State Parliament honours KNUST Publishing Studies head for promoting Ghana-German cooperation

The German State has honoured the former head of the Department of Publishing Studies for his immense contribution to the promotion of Ghana-German cooperation for more than two decades.

The German-trained academic and researcher, Dr Ralph Nyadu-Addo for 24 years has led Ghanaian businesses, entrepreneurs and students to connect and form synergies with the German business culture and academics.

His contribution has raised more than twenty million dollars for KNUST, supported especially student entrepreneurs and initiated several projects in the school.

Dr Nyadu-Addo has coordinated one impactful entrepreneurial training and empowerment program in Africa known as the Africa Centre for Career Enhancement and Skills Support (ACCESS) program.

He coordinated the 3.7 million euros worth of ACCESS Project 1.0 while coordinating the upcoming ACCESS 2.0 which involves 5 million euros, meant to empower students and businesses.

President of the German State Parliament for North Rhine Westphalia, André Kuper did the presentation during a visit by a delegation from KNUST including students and alumni from the Department of Publishing Studies in Dusseldorf.

“North Rhine-Westphalia and Ghana are partner countries and maintain close relations on a political and economic level. In particular, the cooperation between people in schools and promotes the exchange of science and study, which characterizes the partnership between the two countries”.

There has been an official partnership between North Rhine-Westphalia and Ghana since 2007. 

The focus of the latest extension of this partnership is on university cooperation and migration management.

Following the discussion, the delegation exchanged views with former Minister of State Lutz Lienenkämper and other members of the State Parliament. 

Other Achievements

For more than twenty years, he has been the main coordinator for many German-funded projects which include Intelligence for Innovation (256,000 Euro), the African German Academy (580,000 Euro), and the African Centre for Career Enhancement and Skills Support (ACCESS) projects.

His contribution has led several academic and business delegations to since 2004 to strengthen both academic and business linkages between both countries.

Dr. Nyadu-Addo also birthed the KNUST Centre for Business Development and Business Incubator using the experience he had in Germany. 

He had his Masters and PhD at Leipzig University and has worked with several institutions in Germany which spans 2000-2024.

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