Geologist attributes falling rocks in Aburi to building construction works, calls for government intervention

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Dr. Prince Ofori Amponsah, a geologist at the , has identified heavy construction works as the cause of rocks falling from the Aburi mountains, leading to concerns among motorists who use the road.

According to Dr. Amponsah, the rocks were initially stable due to the presence of vegetation cover. However, human activities and the loss of vegetation cover have exposed the weak materials, making them susceptible to falling.

“These rocks are not quite stable. Initially, they shouldn't have been a problem because we have vegetation cover on them. However, due to the construction that we have done, we have exposed these weak materials,” Dr. Amponsah explained.

He further highlighted the use of wire mesh to protect sections of the rocks. Nevertheless, the continuous construction activities, land degradation, and buildings being constructed on the mountain have led to the exposure of these weak rocks.

Dr. Amponsah emphasized the need for immediate government intervention to prevent any future disasters. He called for adherence to building codes and standards, considering the geological conditions of the area.

“This problem is not going to stop until there is an intervention by the government so that when people are building, they will follow building codes and standards. Also taking into account the kind of geology we have there, this problem is going to persist,” the geologist warned.

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