Ga West Municipal Chief Executive urges unity and service from newly inaugurated assembly members

Ga West Municipal Chief Executive urges unity and service from newly inaugurated assembly members
Ga West Assembly members

Mr. Clement N.L. Wilkinson, the Ga West Municipal Chief Executive, has emphasized the importance of unity and service among newly inaugurated Assembly Members, urging them to prioritize the interests of their constituents over political and self-interests.

Addressing the Assembly Members during their swearing-in ceremony at the ninth inauguration of the Ga West Municipal Assembly in Amasaman, Mr Wilkinson highlighted the responsibilities outlined in the Local Governance Act of 2016, Act 936. He stressed the significance of giving appropriate consideration to both national and local interests, emphasizing the role of Assembly Members in representing and serving their communities.

Mr Wilkinson underscored the mandate entrusted to the newly elected members, urging them to fulfil the expectations of the electorate and demonstrate genuine involvement in governance and decision-making processes. He emphasized the importance of listening to the concerns of the people and being responsive to their needs throughout their four-year term.

Furthermore, Mr Wilkinson called for collaboration and cooperation among Assembly Members and the management staff of the assembly to ensure the successful implementation of development initiatives in the Ga West Municipality. He emphasized the shared objective of serving the constituents and bringing about positive development outcomes for the area.

The swearing-in ceremony, officiated by Mrs Justice Priscilla Dapaah-Mireku of the Amasaman High Court and attended by Dr , the Deputy Minister of Finance, and Mr Akwasi Afrifa-Mensah, Member of for Amasaman, underscored the importance of collective effort and commitment to community service.

In conclusion, Mr. Wilkinson urged the newly inaugurated Assembly Members to uphold principles of conscientiousness, responsibility, and receptiveness, thereby earning the trust and confidence of the electorate while fulfilling their mandate as representatives of the Ga West Municipality.

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