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From Houston with Love: Philanthropist builds library in Ghana

October 11, 2023
Alice B. Otchere
First Row: Erick Otchere Jr., Penelope Otchere; Second Row: Rafaela Otchere, holding Evander “Evan” Otchere, Alice Otchere Chasity Davis, Miles Thomas; Third Row: Erick K. Otchere and Frank Otchere

Alice B. Otchere, a native of Houston's Fifth Ward, has embarked on a philanthropic journey to build a library in Sagyimase, Ghana, aiming to provide educational resources for the local community.

After her visit to Ghana in 2019, during which she connected with her sons' Ghanaian family, Alice noticed the absence of libraries in the region, particularly in the village of Sagyimase.

Inspired by the desire to make a difference, she established the non-profit Literacy for Life in September 2019.

Alice Otchere received substantial financial support from her immediate family, as well as from her family in Ghana, who donated the land for the library.

Her efforts were further bolstered by friends and fundraisers organized with the help of the Port City Chapter (TX) Links, Incorporated sisters and donations from various supporters who shared her commitment to the cause.

In January 2020, Alice returned to Sagyimase to share her plans with the family and the village community.

She realized the local school was underserved, lacking access to a proper library. Driven by her passion for reading, Otchere committed to building and operating a library in Sagyimase.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, Alice collaborated with a General Contractor, Architect, and Project Manager to develop plans for the library.

In September 2021, Alice returned to Ghana to break ground for the project. Since then, the library's construction has been progressing steadily, and it is set to open on October 16, 2023.

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