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Four students arrested for vandalizing Sogakope Senior High School

March 11, 2024
Four students arrested for vandalizing Sogakope Senior High School

Four students from Comboni Vocational Technical School have been apprehended by the Sogakofe District Police Command for their alleged involvement in damaging the main gate and sliding glasses of Sogakope Senior High School (SOGASCO) in the District. The incident occurred on Sunday at 1300 hours.

Mr. Newman Dziedzoave, the Headmaster of SOGASCO, confirmed the incident and stated that calm was restored after the altercation. He revealed that four students were arrested, while others involved were still at large. Additionally, four individuals, suspected to be former students of Comboni, were also detained by the police for their alleged involvement in the incident.

According to Mr. Dziedzoave, the dispute between the two schools stemmed from an incident where a SOGASCO student was admitted to Comboni Hospital a few weeks prior. He explained that tension escalated when Comboni students confronted the SOGASCO student about his attire, leading to a confrontation.

Further narrating the events, Mr. Dziedzoave stated that during the independence anniversary parade on March 6, 2024, Comboni students were also asked to tuck in their shirts, resulting in a confrontation that escalated into stone-throwing between the students.

The Headmaster expressed concern over the escalation of the conflict and highlighted an incident where a Convotech driver was injured and required medical attention.

The Sogakope District Police Command confirmed that the four arrested students were still in custody, assisting with investigations into the incident.

The authorities have called for calm and urged both schools to resolve their differences amicably to prevent further escalation of tensions.

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