Former President Mahama pledges to restore original names of public universities in Ghana

Former President Mahama pledges to restore original names of public universities in Ghana
Former President Mahama

Former President , the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (), has declared that if the NDC forms the government in 2025, they will restore the original names of public in Ghana. He criticized the New Patriotic Party () government, claiming that it had not built any new universities but only renamed ones established by the NDC. Mahama stated that the NPP's practice of renaming universities would be reversed, and the original names reflecting the institutions' core mandate would be reinstated.

Mahama made these remarks during a two-day tour of the Region, where he engaged with various groups, including women, youth, chiefs, farmers, and students. He emphasized that public universities' names should align with their purpose, and while specific infrastructure within the universities could be named after individuals, the core names should reflect their establishment goals. The NDC's Flagbearer proposed adding other significant names to university infrastructure but maintaining the original names associated with their primary mission.

Regarding the Free Senior High School (FSHS) policy, Mahama clarified that, if elected, he would not cancel it but rather work to improve and enhance the program. He expressed a commitment to abolishing the double-track system, advocating for a return to a three-term system to synchronize students' school schedules. Mahama also outlined plans to decentralize feeding grants for students, allowing local headteachers to contract food suppliers in their districts. This approach, he argued, would benefit local farmers by encouraging the purchase of food products such as groundnuts, maize, millet, and livestock.

Mahama reminisced about the practices in secondary schools during his time and suggested reviving the idea of school farms. He highlighted the potential benefits, including the schools selling excess produce to generate revenue for various developmental needs. The former President was accompanied by other notable figures from the NDC, including Mr James Agalga, Dr Dominic Akuritinga Ayine, and Mr Isaac Adongo, among others, during his tour of the region.

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