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Flagbearer of Yellow Ghana, Samuel Apea-Danquah expresses his dissatisfaction with current pool of presidential candidates

June 12, 2024
Flagbearer of Yellow Ghana, Samuel Apea-Danquah expresses his dissatisfaction with current pool of presidential candidates
Flagbearer of Yellow Ghana, Samuel Apea-Danquah

Samuel Apea-Danquah, the flagbearer of Yellow Ghana, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current pool of presidential candidates, stating they are not good enough to lead Ghana.

He believes that the country needs competent leadership, which he finds lacking among the current candidates. Consequently, he has decided to run for president in the 2024 general elections to bring about positive change.

In an interview with Umaru Sanda Amadu on Channel One TV's Face to Face, Apea-Danquah said, “I don't think that the current crop of frontrunners to be President are good enough. If we had somebody competent and could do the work, nobody would want to be President.

“We would like to just have fun with our kids, enjoy our lives, go to the beach, just have fun. But we have people who are just not good enough. And someone has to do something, we can't just be laid back.”

Apea-Danquah recounted his past achievements, citing his efforts to fix communication issues at the during his student days.

“If you know my track record, there isn't any institution that I have been to that I haven't left a mark, because there was something wrong. For example, those who know me from Legon [University of Ghana], remember me for two reasons: the official newspaper I set up and the website,” he recalled.

When asked about the challenges in Ghana that he intends to address, Apea-Danquah highlighted key areas such as high inflation, depreciation, and the ailing economy. He criticized the government for its excessive borrowing to finance the budget, which he believes has led to a precarious economic situation. He vowed to implement sustainable solutions to stabilize the economy, reduce inflation, and strengthen the cedi if elected president.

“Every sector of the economy is gone, our health situation, as I mentioned earlier, we have drugs that have been given to us for free, and we wouldn't clear them. Our economy is in shambles, the cedi is in free fall, and inflation is through the roof. There's always a budget deficit as long as we have known,” he said.

He emphasized that Ghana is currently facing a leadership crisis, lacking capable individuals to effectively address the country's pressing issues and challenges.

“Nobody has the patience to sit down and say this is the problem and this is how we're going to solve it. I understand the 4-year term people think that it is a bit too short. But I always blame it on the fact that we don't have competent people in charge,” he added.

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