First Lady advocates for increased support of STEM education for Girls

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First Lady advocates for increased support of STEM education for Girls

The First Lady of Ghana, Mrs. , has called for greater support and investment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics () education for girls.

Mrs emphasized the importance of empowering young women through education, which, she believes, will drive national development and elevate Ghana as a leader in STEM education in Africa.

The First Lady made this statement during her visit to the African Science Academy (ASA), an all-girls STEM-focused academic institution in . Her visit included a tour of the academy's facilities, witnessing student robotics projects, and engaging with the students.

Mrs expressed her appreciation for ASA's achievements in STEM education and its plans to expand its campus to accommodate 200 students in Akuse, .

She highlighted the significance of this expansion project in providing equal educational opportunities for all children, regardless of their backgrounds.

The First Lady underlined the potential of women in STEM fields in Ghana, emphasizing that investing in youth, particularly young women, is essential for achieving success.

She commended the partnership between public and private organizations, which has led to the establishment of ASA, and called for support for the African Gifted Foundation, the academy's parent body, to continue offering world-class STEM education on full scholarships.

Dr. Thomas Segun Illube, the Founder of ASA, spoke to the and explained how the expansion of the academy would empower more young women to excel in STEM.

The expansion project at Akuse would enable ASA to admit more students, as it had already received over 1,000 applications from across Africa.

Dr. Illube also mentioned the significant contribution of ASA to the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in Ghana.

The academy has organized capacity-building master classes for Mathematics in second-cycle institutions, benefiting approximately 400 across the country.

African Science Academy is a girls-only STEM-focused institution located in . It seeks academically gifted girls from lower-income backgrounds across Africa and aims to develop them into leaders in STEM fields.

The academy also serves as a platform for promoting a Pan-African model of education and facilitates networking among young women from across the continent.

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