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Fidelity Bank Ghana supports design & technology institute with GH¢110,920 donation

February 13, 2024
Fidelity Bank Ghana supports design & technology institute with GH¢110,920 donation
Fidelity Bank Ghana

Ghana, the country's largest privately-owned bank, has made a significant contribution of GH¢ 110,920 to the Design & Technology Institute (DTI) in . This donation, spearheaded by the Bank's Corporate and Institutional Banking department, aims to support the education of ten promising students, enabling them to excel in the field of technology and design.

DTI, renowned for its focus on vocational and technical training, plays a vital role in equipping young Ghanaians with the necessary skills to thrive in today's workforce. However, financial constraints often hinder talented individuals from accessing this transformative education.

In response to this challenge, DTI partnered with the Mastercard Foundation under the “Young Africa Works Initiative” 2020–2023 to offer scholarships to brilliant but needy learners, particularly from deprived communities. While the initiative covers up to 90% of the scholarship, students are required to contribute a matching commitment fee of 10%, posing a significant obstacle for some candidates.

Recognizing the potential of DTI's students and the need for skilled professionals, Fidelity Bank stepped in to bridge the financial gap. The bank's donation covers the 10% matching commitment fee required for the Mastercard Foundation's scholarships, ensuring that the students can fully benefit from the program.

This generous gesture by Fidelity Bank eliminates financial barriers for ten deserving students, granting them the opportunity to develop their skills, gain valuable experience, and contribute meaningfully to Ghana's development. The donation reflects Fidelity Bank's commitment to youth empowerment and aligns with the .

John-Paul Taabavi, Head of Local Corporates at Fidelity Bank, led the delegation in presenting the donation to Constance Elizabeth Swaniker, Founder and President of DTI, during a ceremony held at the school. Taabavi expressed the bank's dedication to social responsibility and youth empowerment, emphasizing its belief in the potential of the students to drive positive change and innovation in Ghana's tech sector.

Swaniker expressed gratitude for Fidelity Bank's support, highlighting its transformative impact on the students' lives. The beneficiaries also expressed their heartfelt appreciation, acknowledging the relief from financial burden and the opportunity to focus on their studies without distraction.

Empowered by Fidelity Bank's support, these students eagerly anticipate acquiring valuable skills at DTI and making positive contributions to their communities.

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