Fidelity Bank Ghana donates GH¢100,000 worth of relief items to Akosombo, Kpong victims

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Fidelity Bank Ghana donates GH¢100,000 worth of relief items to Akosombo, Kpong victims

Ghana's largest privately-owned financial institution, Ghana, has stepped up its commitment to social responsibility and community support by presenting GH¢100,000 worth of essential relief items to the National Disaster Management Organisation (). This generous donation aims to assist the victims affected by the recent water spillage from the and Kpong dams.

In a press release, the bank stated, “its unyielding commitment to social responsibility and community support.” The relief items donated included high-density mattresses, blankets, bottled and sachet water, mosquito nets, canned foods, sanitary pads, and other vital essentials.

The presentation occurred at 's emergency relief site in Adidome, , on Friday. The delegation, led by the Bank's Health, Safety, and Environment specialist, Mr Ebenezer Gbolonyo, included the Branch Sales and Services Manager, along with staff from the Branch. Additionally, members of Fidelity Bank's Partnerships, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility () team were present.

The relief items were explicitly aimed at alleviating the distress experienced by thousands of residents in the Lower Volta Basin. The recent water spillage from the and Kpong dams led to devastating flooding, displacing more than 12,000 individuals and causing extensive damage to their homes, crops, and livestock. The floodwaters also disrupted critical services, including power supply, transportation, communication, and healthcare in the affected areas.

Mr. Gbolonyo expressed Fidelity Bank's empathy for the affected communities and emphasized its commitment to providing support during times of need. He commended NADMO for its swift response and coordination of relief efforts and mentioned that Fidelity Bank was profoundly moved by the plight of the victims.

“We are deeply saddened by the plight of our fellow Ghanaians who have been affected by this unfortunate incident. As a responsible corporate entity, we felt obliged to support them in this difficult time,” said Mr. Gbolonyo. “We hope that our donation will help alleviate some of their suffering and bring comfort and relief to the affected families, assisting them in rebuilding their lives.”

Mr Sedem Bright Amuzu, the District Director of NADMO, expressed gratitude to Fidelity Bank for its generous gesture and assured that the donated items would be distributed to the most vulnerable and needy individuals in the affected districts. He also encouraged other corporate entities and individuals to follow Fidelity Bank's commendable example and support NADMO's humanitarian work.

Mr. Thomas Moore Zonyrah, District Chief Executive of , also expressed appreciation to Fidelity Bank for its generous and timely support, and the bank reaffirmed its dedication to assisting the victims of the Akosombo and Kpong dams' spillage in their journey to rebuild their lives.

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