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FDA Warns Against Poisonous Products During Christmas Season

December 18, 2023
FDA Warns Against Poisonous Products During Christmas Season
Delese Mimi Darko CEO of FDA

The (FDA) in the has cautioned the public against purchasing and consuming potentially harmful products during the season.

The FDA highlighted the practice of dumping near-expiry products on the market at low prices, particularly during the festive season, posing a risk to unsuspecting consumers.

Madam Francisca Obeng, Principal Regulatory Officer at the FDA, urged the public to be vigilant, buy only FDA-approved products, and check expiry and manufacturing dates.

She emphasized the importance of avoiding bloated or dented products and paying attention to proper storage conditions.

Ready-to-eat food consumers were advised to verify the Food Hygiene Permits and Street Food Vending Permits of sellers to ensure safety.

“If you have to buy food from the street, be sure that the vendor is medically certified, keeps good hygiene principles and has a hand washing station with a neat environment,” she said.

Madam Obeng emphasized personal responsibility for health and safety, encouraging consumers to make informed choices and be cautious during the holiday season.

The FDA remains committed to public health safety through market surveillance, education, and routine inspections. In the past year, the FDA in the Central Region disposed of eight tonnes of expired, unwholesome, and unregistered products, contributing to public safety efforts.

The Authority aims to continue supporting local industries through initiatives like the Progressive Licensing Scheme for small-scale businesses.

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