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Father arrested for allegedly murdering 3-week-old baby

January 24, 2024
Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba
Fetteh Kakraba, Gomoa East

A 21-year-old father, identified as Bright, is in police custody at the Awutu Bereku District Police Command over the suspected of his three-week-old baby in Fetteh Kakraba, Gomoa East District, .

The tragic incident unfolded on Monday night when Bright visited the baby and the mother. Reports suggest that Bright, allegedly driven by intentions of money rituals, killed the infant during his visit.

According to an interview with a friend of Bright on Adom News, the baby's mother had momentarily left the sleeping child inside to run an errand. Bright, taking advantage of the situation, asked his friend to fetch the baby from the room.

“I met Bright on the school park with the baby, and a few minutes later, the mother called that he was missing,” the friend narrated.

Upon receiving the news of the baby's disappearance, residents initiated a search party. Bright's friend was apprehended after a tip-off suggested that he was the one who took the baby from the room.

Despite the efforts of the search party, Bright had already killed the baby by the time they reached the school park. Both Bright and his friend are now in police custody, cooperating with investigations into the tragic incident.

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