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Farmers in Ashanti Region appeal to government to stop unlawful seizure of farmlands

Farmers in the Nerebehi community of the Atwima Nwabiagya South District in the are seeking government intervention against the illegal takeover of their farmlands.

They claim that a private developer named Kwabena Frimpong has been converting their lands into sand mining sites and selling portions to individual developers, all without compensating the affected farmers.

Despite numerous petitions, authorities have taken no action to address the issue.

The farmers expressed their distress during a tour of the degraded lands, highlighting the negative impact of the sand mining activities on their agriculture.

Their lands have become infertile, leading to crop failures and the destruction of the local ecosystem. The situation has left the farmers worried about their livelihoods and the future of their families.

Mr Augustine Nkrumah Dankwa, a retired teacher who now farms cocoa, expressed concern about the impunity with which their lands were being destroyed. He emphasized the importance of his cocoa farm for his survival and questioned where he would obtain food if his land was further devastated.

Over 100 acres of farmland belonging to more than 300 farmers have been destroyed by the contractor. The affected farmers are pleading with the government to take immediate action and halt the continued destruction of their lands.

The farmers highlighted the urgency of the situation and emphasized that their cocoa farms were their only valuable assets and primary sources of income. They called for the government's intervention to bring an end to the contractor's operations and protect their livelihoods.

The issue has been reported to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, but no concrete action has been taken so far. The farmers believe that only the government's intervention can effectively address the problem and put a stop to the unlawful seizure of their farmlands.

The wanton destruction of farmlands not only affects the livelihoods of individual farmers but also poses economic hardship for the entire community. Urgent action is needed to safeguard the farmers' lands and protect the agricultural sector in the region.

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